Alsynite Everlite R74 Skylight

Everlite R74 is a high quality general purpose industrial glass reinforced polyester sheet that has been the cornerstone of Alsynite’s translucent business for many years. The R74 allows the transmittance of natural light into building interiors. Both the exposed and the underside surface of ALSYNITE Everlite R74 are protected by a world-renowned surface coating filmContinue reading “Alsynite Everlite R74 Skylight”

GS™ Multi Step Metal Roof Tile

The GS Multi Step® Metal Roof Tile is a roofing sheet which is weather-proof and light, providing high quality, reliable performance for residential houses, commercial buildings and refurbishment projects. The roofing sheet is continuous from the ridge to the gutter such that water can run the length of the roof without seeping between the gaps. Characteristics: 1.Continue reading “GS™ Multi Step Metal Roof Tile”

GS™ Multi-Pan Metal Roof Tile

The GS™ Multi-Pan Metal Roof Tile represents the latest in roofing technology designed specifically against weathering. Incorporating the water-shedding shape of a traditional clay tile, the use of durable baked enamel paint protects the roof from chipping or cracking and overcomes algae growth problems present in clay or cement-based tiles, thus providing a strong, practical and aesthetically pleasing roofing system. The GS™Continue reading “GS™ Multi-Pan Metal Roof Tile”