Alsynite Everlite R74 Skylight

Everlite R74 is a high quality general purpose industrial glass reinforced polyester sheet that has been the cornerstone of Alsynite’s translucent business for many years. The R74 allows the transmittance of natural light into building interiors.

Both the exposed and the underside surface of ALSYNITE Everlite R74 are protected by a world-renowned surface coating film and high quality performance polyester resin system. Everlite R74 is the sensible choice for cost effective skylight and siding applications.

Key Features

  • Non-delaminating surface technology
  • Resistant to commonplace chemicals
  • Good long-term clarity properties

Typical Applications

  • Industrial and commercial skylights
  • Building skylight sidings
  • Nursery and retail areas
  • Car porch and pergola covers

General Information